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About Us

Get to know a little bit more about Newcastle Castle and the people behind it.

The Heart of the City Partnership is a joint venture between a number of Newcastle organisations, all of whom have a passion and vested interest in the Castle’s future preservation.

Find out about the people who work here and make the Castle such a key part of the city.


The Heart Of The City Partnership and Newcastle Castle works hard to uphold several key Charity objectives. These are a cornerstone to all we do and run throughout the organisation at every level.

1. The advancement of education and promotion of learning. We do this in particular in relation to the history and heritage of the area around St Nicholas’ Cathedral, in particular Newcastle Castle in Newcastle upon Tyne.

2. The advancement of culture and heritage. This is pushed forward by the encouragement of the local community and visitors to the city to appreciate and enjoy the history and fabric of said buildings.

3. The preservation and protection of Newcastle Castle. With the Castle being of historical interest and public importance and particularly the Grade 1 listed building and Scheduled Ancient Monument known as the Black Gate and Castle Keep.

Find out more about our board here.

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