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Bigg Market, Cathedral and Castle - Exploring Old Newcastle

Location and Times
This 90 minute workshop takes place outside the Castle, and is a walking tour taking in the Bigg Market, the outside of St Nicholas Cathedral and the outside of Newcastle Castle.

Key Stages
1, 2, 3 or 4

The tour is suitable for any key stage, with minor alterations depending on the age of the students, and can be used as part of a local history study.

Developed as part of NE1's Bigg Market project this workshop explores the hidden history of "Old Newcastle" - the old town centre around the Castle, Cathedral and the medieval marketplaces. Learn about some surprising and colourful denizens of the old Bigg Market including Charles I and a giraffe; see where Newcastle's town hall once stood; traverse the course of the High Bridge and the underground rivers below Newcastle; and hear the tale of the majestic Flying Donkey of Old Newcastle Town.

All of our workshops can be combined with a guided tour of the Castle and Keep to make a full day visit. Guided tours last between 90 and 120 minutes.

Old engraving of Newcastle's Bigg Market