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24/03/2017 - 18:00 to 19:15

SOLD OUT | North East Suffragettes: Led astray by the instigation of the devil and their own desperate audacity

Rosie Serdiville, a local writer and historian with a particular interest in social and domestic history, presents this talk all about how the suffragette movement on Tyneside helped change the political landscape.

In the early 1900s over 100 different groups of women and men worked (and argued) together to earn the vote. Rosie will discuss how the North East’s suffragettes were viewed by the rest of society and touch upon, amongst other things, what linked a 15th Century Bishop of Durham with Winston Churchill and what Lloyd George’s chauffeur had to do with Newcastle’s drains.

Rosie is a social historian who has co-written a number of well-received books on local history, including Tommy at War: 1914-1918 The Soldiers' Own Stories, The Little Book of Newcastle and The Great Siege of Newcastle, 1644. She still thinks women have some way to go and doesn’t mind getting dressed up in costume to prove it.

This talk takes place in the Black Gate, which is fully accessible to wheelchair users.

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