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18/10/2018 - 19:00 to 19/10/2018 - 22:00

Timeworks Theatre Frankenstein: A Gothic Creation

Never settling for being merely the Castle that gave Newcastle UponTyne its name, Newcastle Castle is one of the most unique cultural venues you could wish to spend time in, right in the Heart of the City.We're showcasing a theatrical performance of 'Frankenstein: A Gothic Creation,' from Thursday 18th October to Friday 19th October, with tickets priced at just £13.50.Steeped in history, the iconic Newcastle Castle is an incredible visitor attraction through the day, and by night transforms into an inspiring theatre space etc. Tickets will go on sale at midnight on Monday 20th August.

One thought, one conception, one purpose … the unfolding of thedeepest mysteries of creation…

Two hundred years ago, Mary Shelley’s terrifying novel of Gothic horror, Frankenstein, was first published. Its purpose: to consider the unholiest of all questions – what if man were to discover the power of God?

Consumed by the ambition to discover the secret of life, Dr Victor Frankenstein succeeds in creating a living, intelligent creature in his laboratory. But when the creature stirs, he fears he has unleashed a monster upon the world. Today, with the unlocking of the secrets of DNA and the possibility of cloning and genetic engineering, it’s a tale that remains as relevant, and as horrifying, as ever.

To celebrate the bicentennial of the novel’s publication, Timeworks Theatre presents a new adaptation of Frankenstein, which evokes both the terror of the novel itself and key events in the life of the woman that spawned it – the stories of Victor Frankenstein, creator of a monster, and Mary Shelley, creator of one of the most celebrated horror stories of all time.

About Timeworks Theatre

North East based theatre company Timeworks Theatre creates work inspired by time.

‘Our work celebrates anniversaries of all kinds, of historical events, of works of literature, of births and deaths, of places, inventions, objects and discoveries.

At Timeworks we produce a diverse range of theatre, including comedy, drama, children's productions, horror... Some of our work is especially written, but we also revive and adapt existing works, and we perform our "Timepieces" in diverse locations across the North East of England.’


Frankenstein – A Gothic Creation

‘This year we are producing a new adaptation of Frankenstein to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the publication of Mary Shelley’s famous Gothic novel. ‘

Frankenstein – A Gothic Creation is by local north east writer John Seymour and commemorates both the novel itself and Mary Shelley’s life. The play retells the horrific story of Victor Frankenstein and the hideous creature he fashions, drawing parallels with Mary’s own creation of the book itself and provoking questions about its meaning and origins.



Open 7-days per week from 10am until 5pm, you can visit the family-friendly historic attraction, located in Newcastle city centre, to reveal the story of how Newcastle began, the reason the City got its name and to walk in the steps of the people who lived and died in the shadow of Newcastle Castle. Steeped in history this imposing Norman fortress, is a rugged reminder of Northern England's turbulent history.

Please Note: This event takes place in the Great Hall of Newcastle Castle Keep which is unfortunately inaccessible to wheelchair users. Doors will open at approximately 7pm, with performances beginning at 7:30pm.

The Keep is a Scheduled Ancient Monument without any central heating, so therefore has a tendency to get quite cold. However, what it lacks in warmth, it certainly makes up for in atmosphere! The Great Hall is also only accessible via a steep flight of spiral stairs. 

Therefore, we recommend that you wear suitable clothing and footwear.

There are no toilet facilities within the Keep itself, so please use toilets at The Bridge Hotel across the street should you need the toilet.

Reasonably priced refreshments will be available for all your sweets and drink needs. We aren’t a licensed venue, so for this event there will be no sale of alcohol. As we’re nice people, we don’t mind our attendees bringing in their own refreshments or drinks, but please consider that anything you spend with us help us to ‘Keep the Castle going’. If you do bring your own refreshments, we simply ask that you are respectful of the venue and other customers and tidy up anything you’ve brought before leaving.

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